Friday, June 26, 2009

Negril vs Wasaga Beach ... You decide

OK, so it doesn't sound like a fair competition. Negril is several miles of white sand with the warm Caribbean water lapping the shores. All year. And what a perfect way to end a marathon run

Wasaga has over 10 miles of beach with the somewhat cooler water lapping gently against the shore. Not quite 12 months of the year.

Both have their qualities. December 5th I'll have to make my choice. In the meantime, vote on your favourite. Just leave a comment in the space below.
And as promised, within a couple of weeks I will be announcing the fund raising association I will be supporting. Stay tuned. For now, please join me on facebook

In the meantime, enjoy the photos. And thanks for your support.
Until next time...


  1. Tough choice. Negril has that tranquil, tropical feel but I think I can run the beach in Wasaga more months of the year due to my aversion to the heat.

    "Cool" Boston Mike

  2. OMG.....Negril makes Wasaga look pathetic, but Wasaga is the closest I will get to a beach right now, so I might as well forget about it.

  3. Me too :). I like the hardpack sand of Wasaga for some of my running though

  4. How do you feel about it after visiting Negril again recently? Looks like your temperatures are good right now, but how long will that last?
    Good luck, anyway, with your training - in the theater they say "break a leg", but that's not what you want to hear ;-)


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