Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pictures of Wasaga Beach, Series 2

I received a tremendous response to the post last week with pictures of our Wasaga Beach. Most wanted to move here right now. While winter limits the access, these pictures taken in the spring show that we still enjoy our Wasaga throughout all the seasons.

The receding ice leaves behind incredibly smooth yet complex 'sandscapes'

Or if you prefer a more 'industrial wasteland' look

Yes, this is the main beach area where the crowds are massive in the summer months.

The early spring sunsets are just as spectacular.
Yes, that is an ice dam about 100 metres off-shore.

This is Tia, our 4 1/2 lb. tiny Yorkie with the huge personality in full stride. She loves Wasaga Beach as well.
These pictures were taken with a Pentax 'Optio' ( at Beach Area 1, the Main Beach Area for sun and sand in the summer. For more information, go to our official web site

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