Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Join me in running the Reggae Marathon December 5

I have never finished a marathon.

Back in December, I posted an article about my unfinished marathon. It has been a thorn in my side for many years. To compensate I have competed in numerous 10 k runs and ½ marathons. As well, I competed in triathlons and although I did well in them, I still had that nagging feeling that something remained unfinished.

I began running back in my late 20’s out of fear. I was seriously overweight, out-of-shape and on the declining health path. To top it off, at a regular doctor’s visit I learned that my blood pressure had crept up. And while it wasn’t in the danger zone yet, it was headed the wrong way. That caught my attention. Hypertension ran in my family. Dad had suffered for years. It became a leading cause of his health decline later in life.

So I started running. But I never finished my marathon.

Recent events in my life jolted to complete this unfinished business. Part of my motivation is personal: my Dad passed away last fall after a long, courageous, complicated heath battle. I am dedicating this race to his memory. I am also motivated to inspire other runners who want to compete in and complete their first marathon.

And what a great place to do it: Negril, Jamaica. The event is the Reggae Marathon on December 5, 2009.

Ahhh…Negri. A beautiful long sweep of white sand and warm Caribbean water. The course is basically a flat, out and back route. There will Reggae music of course and the legendary warmth and hospitality of Jamaicans. What could be a more fantastic location for your first marathon?

Over the next 10 months I will provide updates on my progress. And I hope you will join me.

First though, please go to the Reggae Marathon web site and check out all the planned events and activities: http://reggaemarathon.com/. You can also pre-register there. I have been in communication with a number of people involved with the organization of the event and have received great support.

Then join me at http://inspiredrunning.ning.com/. This is the social network I have established for interested runners to join to share stories and support each other in our preparation for the event December 5 in Negril. Lets see if we can’t show the folks in Jamaica that even though we spend much of our time running in the cold up here in Ontario, we know how to run…and have a good time. Who knows, If we get enough followers, we may be able to rustle up some T shirts and other goodies so that we can look like a real ‘Inspired Running’ team when we get to Negril.

If you are inspired by running and need a goal for 2009, let this be it. I will finish my 'unfinished business' December 5th.


  1. Running a marathon is impressive and admirable. I don't think I could ever do one. A 5K is long enough and I did a 100 mile bike ride last year and my achilles tendinitis is still there. It was a great experience though, especially because it was for charity.

    Have fun training.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I am totally scared about it. But it is unfinished business and I have to get it done. Keep checking back to see my progress

  3. hope to see you there i ran it last year....It is an amzing race..best, Mela


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