Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have been saving these inspirational and motivational sayings for a rainy day and it seems to be doing that literally this morning north of Toronto.

These sayings and “ism’s” were collected from various sources over many years. I keep this list up-to-date and refer to it often. I would love to hear from you if you have any to share. Please do so in the comment area immediately below this article. I hope you find some inspiration:

  • If you want to dance with god, you’ve got to ask

  • From Barak Obama's inauguration speech, Jan 20, 2009
    -Freedom to Choose
    -Turning point for change
    -Let me have the wisdom to lead with humility
    -Choose hope over fear
    -We are willing to extend a hand if you unclench your fist

  • Pain is the doorway to great learning. So sorry, but happy to hear
    that you're earning your wisdom. See you in class.

  • Don't invest emotionally in the unknown

  • 3 Rules to live by
    1. Remember who you are and where you came from.
    2. You don’t have to be the best but you must try your best.
    3. You don’t have to succeed at everything but you must learn from your experiences.

  • Accuse you of success

  • Leadership in business
    -Hire what you don't know
    -No dreams, no future
    -Don't find fault with what you don't understand
    -Emotion is essential
    -The best companies in the world are always worried

  • Some questions are hazard, some are instinct, some are based on a premature understanding that is more than instinct, but less than knowledge.

  • Actions have reactions, don't be quick to judge, you may not know the hardships people don't speak of.

  • Your behaviour is a reflection of what you truly believe

  • If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice

  • Learn what to accept and what to push for change

  • Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part

  • The essence of strategy is sacrifice

And again, please feel free to leave your comments in section immediately below this article.

PS: yes, that is a picture of Tia our Tiny Yorkie with the HUGE personality


  1. Thanks Chris for these inspiring quotes, especially Barak's.


  2. You are welcome, Emmanuel. I found the delivery of his speech inspirational. Not necessarily for the words, but the passion. We all need to be reminded sometimes that our future is ours to create. Thanks for your comments

  3. What a wonderful idea to keep a journal of profound sayings. I really like "Don't Invest Emotionally in the Unknown."

  4. Thanks. I especially like that one as well having spent way too much time worrying about the unknown


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