Friday, February 20, 2009

How General Motors can improve their advertising

I am stunned!

About 3 weeks ago I saw an ad in the paper announcing a brand new deal on cars from General Motors. It caught my attention because it offered to reduce my cost of buying and owning a new car. And yes, General Motors makes some really good cars: Vibe, Malibu, Equinox.

Here's what caught my eye: great price, 5 year warranty, free OnStar and XM Satellite radio for a couple of years, and to top it off, FREE maintenance for 3 years. That looked like a good deal to me. And I am sure that others would feel the same way.

It must be a 'Top Secret' deal however...I haven't heard any more about this anywhere. Not TV, Radio, Web. Not even at the Toronto Automobile show that I attended this past week in Toronto. They might be advertising it, but I haven't seen it.

So here is my free, unsolicited recommendation to GM to get this really great message out: Twitter it!

Actually, they should set up a contest to have consumers create a 30 second commercial promoting this deal and post it on youtube. They could judge the entires and award prizes for the best and worst videos. This would get the message out quickly.

And all it would take is a Twitter message from GM today.

Advertising is about telling potential customers that how your product will benefit them. This deal is ripe for the telling.

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