Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Sucks!

Friday the 13th really sucks. For some people, but not for me.

Here we are, an entire society of grownups caught up in the belief that it is a 'Bad Luck' day. And all because of some events that while terrible, occurred in the past. Spending any energy today worrying about what terrible things may happen because of the day and date is a waste of time.

But thanks to the superstition, lots of people will be playing it close-to-the vest today and will play it conservatively. I have a 'High Energy' day planned today to take advantage that.

My plans include actively prospecting for new business in all the areas I work in. I am sending out a proposal for a FREE marketing seminar to Alteredperceptioninc prospects. I have a teleconference with a business in Newfoundland to discuss sales and marketing plans. And I am moving forward on a project that will take a group of runners to Jamaica to compete in and complete their first marathon. And to top it off, I am taking my wife to dinner at an excellent local Italian restaurant tonight.

Thanks to everyone who believes in bad luck today. Due to you and your superstitions, it will be a GREAT day for me today.

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