Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Beach

14 kilometres.

Warm water of the southern shores of Georgian Bay lap gently most mornings. Stiff offshore wind stirred up whitecaps occasionally. OK, more often than not.

Wasaga Beach. Billed as the longest stretch of sandy beach in Ontario has been the location for some of my most favourite runs over the past couple of years.

Most people think of Wasaga Beach as the noisy, crowed, loud hot stretch along the Main Beach area. Situated near the mouth of the Nottawasaga River beside a Provincial Park, this area is what you would expect : lovely soft white sand leading out to gently sloping water.

This is not my beach.

Further west the sand reverts to a flat, hard pack surface. Stretches for nearly 14 kilometres west of the main beach area past numerous provincial park areas. Stunning beachfront mansions dot the shoreline.

The peaks of Blue Mountain are clearly visible to the west. Spectacular!

Down to the beach past the numerous cottages that line the small streets north of the main road. In the summer, lots of cottagers enjoy their early morning coffee on their porches. In the winter mostly deserted.

I hit the Beach and usually head west to enjoy the rising sun illuminate the slopes of Blue Mountain in the distance.

Because it is flat and crescent shaped, distance and perspective is deceiving. Shoreline cottages that appear close take longer than you think to get to them.

Running on the hard packed sand is a treat to the knees. And increases the workout.

Most mornings I run alone.

My beach!

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