Thursday, January 8, 2009

Early morning and it snowed overnight

Whew! The bloom is certainly off the rose in terms of dealing with the snow up here in the Beach. We bought a snow blower last fall in anticipation of this and after having to shovel by hand last winter. Felt proud of ourselves. Not feeling so delighted after another night of snow and with the forecast calling for snow every day now for the next week. It is becoming a real pain-in-the ass to keep the double driveway clear.

Today I feel disoriented. I know I need to get a lot done. I certainly have put a lot of 'to do' items into my calendar today. No enthusiasm or energy to tackle anything today.

I know I have to clear the snow though.

So what if I don't do anything in my calendar that I don't want to do today? Is that just me procrastinating? Aren't you supposed to 'work through it'? Isn't that what successful people do?

Maybe I should go for a run and then clear the snow.

I know I have to initiate a new project today that has been sitting on the shelf for over 5 years. It is a radio idea, 'Overheard/Overnight'. Never sold the original idea, now thinking about a blog. Conference call with my partner today to discuss it...again.

OK, go for run early, clear the snow, then make call.

And oh yes, I should still continue my job search. This feels utterly hopeless...the advertising business is contracting (at least for jobs in large, US-owned agencies in Canada); they are looking for 'digital specialists' (experience I do not have); and younger, cheaper talent (over 50!). An outsider would call me crazy for continuing to look for work within the agency world.

Hmmm....once I get finished running, clearing the snow and conclude the call about 'Overheard/Overnight' I should look into companies that I buy stuff from.

To get this started this morning, going to have my coffee now.

There, made my first decision of the day.

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