Friday, November 28, 2008

Running to stay alive

Not actually the same as Forest Gump running around the continent. I run in smaller circles.

Began running in my late 20’s. Started after I saw the scales hit 225 lbs.

Dam, I was fat!

42” waist on a 5’ 10” frame. Yuck. Did not like the self-image one bit. Knew I had to do something to ‘fix’ this. Decided on running.

That’s the quick background. I plan to share my running stories on this blog. Runs in cities, towns and country trails across the US and Canada and around the world. 10k’s: personal best achieved at age 32. My marathon: never actually finished it. Ultimately Triathlons: the best experience.

Lost the weight. Kept it off. Significantly slowed the onset of health issues.

Perhaps most importantly, learned more about myself, and how to cope with the challenges in life. Got me through the tough times.

I hope you enjoy them and share back.

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