Selling Skills Workshop

4 Hour Interactive Workshop

We're all salespeople!  Even those of us without the word 'Salesperson' in our job description or title. 

No matter the job or company, selling in a new idea, dealing with customers, helping co-workers all involve selling skills! 

Selling Skills for Today's Business is a 4 hour Workshop that will give you and your team essential and practical skills in professional selling and relationship management.  These winning sales strategies and tactics can be used immediately to improve results! 

"The one sure way to attract and keep customers long-term is to give them solutions to their problems" - SP

Key topics that will be covered:  Prospecting, identifying client's needs, dealing with objections, gaining commitments and writing proposals.  You will learn how to build mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with stakeholders at all levels within and outside your organization.

"...We all really enjoyed the sales workshop and will benefit from tips and techniques you shared!" - JO

Who should book this Workshop?  Traditional salespeople looking to improve their selling skills;  Marketing groups who will learn how to make better presentations;  Customer Service teams who will learn how to manage personalities more effectively; Business development people who will learn how to qualify faster by asking better questions;  Client and Account Management who will learn how to deal with various personalities.

" I like that the workshop was targeted specifically to our group. This was really helpful to envision how the sales strategies can be applied in our day-to-day" - NN

Industries and Organizations:  Not-for-profits, University and Colleges, Health Services, B2B Manufacturing, Associations, and Distribution Companies.

"...Learning the steps of the sales process and how to effectively navigate through them"  - RS

    1. Learn how to master trust-based, relationship selling and apply these winning strategies to all business activities to gain a competitive edge
    2. Sharpen probing skills to uncover the needs your prospects are looking to solve by turning features into benefits
    3. Learn how to grow your business by successfully overcoming objections
    4. Learn how to identify and respond to various personalities types by adapting your communication style
    5. Understand how to use LinkedIn Social Selling strategies to build and nurture long-term business partnerships
    This workshop is interactive and involves individual and group work, individual presentations within an inclusive, trusting and positive environment.



    Chris Morales
    My career has been focused on Sales and Marketing. My first job was in radio sales.  I've sold for myself as a Small Business Marketing Consultant multiple times. Over more than 35 years in Business I've been through the full gamut of sales training from "Here's the phone book, go out and sell", to intensive full week training programs, to webinars and one day workshops. I currently teach at George Brown College in Toronto, Entrepreneurship, Starting Your Business and Professional Selling - Winning Sales Strategies. Contact me,

    Here's my George Brown College Bio:  Chris Morales