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You're here because you're frustrated with where you are as a solo entrepreneur. I've been there.  Multiple times.  And it is a nagging feeling.  

I'm here to help.  My 'Just Business' program will help you create solid business plans and cashflow strategies so you can grow your business with less distractions.  Less running around in circles!

Over the years I've wasted a lot of time and money jumping from one business idea to the next.  Some didn't launch, some failed immediately, others took a little longer.  I learned a lot through these agonizing personal experiences.  

A few years ago I started teaching at a local community college.  One of the courses was about how to start a small business.  I wish I'd had that all those years ago!  It would have saved me money and more importantly time!

Since early 2020, I've been part of a virtual advisory program for small business owners.  They apply to the program and are matched up with an advisor best suited to help them with their business problem.  It's been rewarding!  These are people who are great at what they do but need advice and help on how to run their business better.  

That got me thinking:  "Is there a way I can put this all together for first-time business owners looking to get started?"  And do it in a way that saves them time and money!

It's Just Business! Its a highly focused program where you will learn the following:

  1. EVALUATE:  How to quickly assess your ideas
  2. SWOT:  See your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats 
  3. CASHFLOW:  How to set up and use the most important financial document, the Cash Flow spreadsheet
  4. BREAKEVEN:  Calculate the point when you break even and start to make money
  5. BUSINESS PLANNING:  Prepare your own business plan
I'll also share the following business start-up tips:
  1. A key marketing tactic to help you anchor your position on the web
  2. How to quickly register your business
  3. How to register for GST/HST...and and the benefits of doing it when you start
  4. How to keep track of your expenses and submit your personal and business returns at tax time
By the end of the Just Business program, you'll have the following:  
  • SWOT Assessment
  • Cash Flow 
  • Business Plan
The Just Business program is $359.  That includes everything above plus 3 one-on-one live sessions. Email me directly to learn more or sign up:  justbusinessworkshop@gmail.com

I look forward to working with you to help you turn your business idea into reality!

Just Business Workshop

"Chris is a wonderful instructor - very passionate and knowledgeable with course content and willing to meet one on one to provide extra help and clarification"

"Helpful/useful content.  Relevant assignments.  Great instructor - Helpful, friendly, very available, well prepared"

"Given that this was an online course, and the possibility of course content being dry was kind of high...I have to say that what made this class so successful, was the instructor. If this same class were offered by a less engaging instructor, it would be hard to translate the course in an online setting. I found the content interesting and I understood it. I had fun in the class and looked forward to it. I bet Chris Morales is an amazing in person instructor as well. He's one of the best profs I've ever had, including my time at undergrad."

“Chris was able to quickly get an idea of what everyone in the class was looking for and it seems he customized/directed our learning based on that. Everything he taught, said in class was relatable, easy to understand. I felt everyone got something valuable out of this class."

Chris is very knowledgeable and was willing to share business failures as well as successes so lessons learned were as useful as best practices.  He also had guest speakers share first-hand experience that was eye opening"

"Very patient and helpful with the material he provides"

"Approachable.  Knows his subject matter, calm, friendly"

"Being very friendly and helpful.  If he doesn't know the answer he will make a note of it and give the answer in the next class"

"By using various teaching/learning strategies, combined with his plethora of professional experience, he made the weekly sessions engaging for his learners. His presentation style made the course content clear, sound, and digestible. He built a rapport with each course participant; he interacted with of us, providing the feedback and support we needed to transform our business ideas into viable business plans. Chris is both a wonderful person and instructor, and his future students will be fortunate to have him." 

"Lots of real life experience in the field helps the students trust his knowledge".

"Chris is very approachable and uses his own experiences as an entrepreneur to highlight success and pitfalls when starting a small business"

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