Chris Morales: Marketing

I help business owners create marketing strategies that drive sales and revenue. 

At Erie Meats as Director of Marketing, I lead the team that manages all of our retail brands:  Erie Meats, Watson Ridge, Butcher's Selection, European Quality Meats.  This includes our website, all package design, marketing communication, customer service and social media.

I have experience in Marketing Communication and Strategy, Website, Package Design, Social Media and Content Creation, Digital and Traditional advertising, Customer Service.

Woven throughout are lessons learned as a lifetime runner:  Clear goals and objectives; perseverance, determination and dedication; measure and adjust quickly.


What's your story? What drives you? Why are you passionate about it?  

What problem have you identified?  Can you provide a scalable solution? Is your idea unique?  How do you make money? 

Communication Strategies

  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Package Design
  • Local Marketing
  • SEM, SEO
  • Sales Training
  • Starting Your Small Business
  • Professional Selling

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