Chris Morales

I build brands that stand out! I believe that the first step is to get the brand story right. Then the strategies and tactics follow naturally.    

I ask a lot of questions: Who is it for?  What's the objective? Why do you need it?  When do you need it?  

I am driven by results.  A good plan executed well beats an excellent plan executed poorly.

I teach Part-time at George Brown College in Toronto in the Continuing Education Program.  My primary course is Starting Your Small Business where I help students build their dream.  

I'm a life-time runner. Training and racing are similar to business:  Success is personal and comes from putting in the work that no one ever sees.

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Marketing Director
Mid-size-and-growing companies benefit from the advantages a seasoned Marketing Specialist can deliver.  Budgets are a factor, and that’s where I come in.  

In today’s complex world of marketing, having an experienced advisor can make the difference.  From deciding how to best spend online advertising dollars, manage your online reputation, leverage the power of Social Media to learning selling strategies and techniques to add value, I offer the full package of experience and knowledge you need.
National and Local Experience
We live in a global, hyper-connected world today and a Marketing Specialist needs to understand this.  I’ve helped companies connect with target consumers in markets around the world or right in their own back-
Online and Offline Experience
I’ve worked with companies on event strategies, print advertising, sales training and support, social media and digital marketing, online advertising. 

 Building Brands That Stand Out

Marketing Communication, Design, Website, Social Media

Marketing Strategy
Social Media
Reputation Management

           Local Marketing
           SEM, SEO

        Sales Training 
      Sales Promotion
      Event Marketing
      Project Management

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