Building Outstanding Brands

No business survives for long without strong relationships with their customers.  And those relationships start with providing a solution to a problem.  From that foundation, a brand grows.  With maniacal attention to customer needs, the brand may one day become outstanding.

After 35 years in advertising and marketing, I've learned what it takes to build an outstanding brand.  It starts with inspired business leadership. I'm driven by the desire to help these inspired people grow their business by building brands that connect more deeply with their customers. 

I teach at George Brown College in the Continuing Education Program and help  students learn how to sell themselves more professionally and set up their own businesses.

Woven into this are the lessons learned as a lifetime runner:  Clear goals and objectives; perseverance, determination and dedication; measure and adjust quickly.


What's your story? What drives you? Why are you passionate about it?  Let's start there.

Building an Outstanding Brand
What problem have you identified?  Can you provide a scalable solution? Is your idea unique?  How do you make money? Your success is driven by your ability to get people to buy you and your product.

On a practical level, here are the things you will get from working with me, from Online to traditional; Sales promotion to Social Media:

  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Package Design
  • Local Marketing
  • SEM, SEO
  • Sales Training
  • Starting Your Small Business
  • Professional Selling

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