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We are an online marketing agency focused on helping small business owners get started. We offer the following services

Graphic Design | Print Design | Website Design | Social Media Strategy | Social Media Content | Online Reputation | Reviews

If you are just starting out or want to get your online marketing set up professionally, our Small Business Online Marketing Startup Package is for you!

After listening to countless first-time business owners over the past 5 years voice their stress over online marketing, we realized that there was a need to help them take their first step.  We've put together the Small Business Online Marketing Startup Package to help first-time small business startups get started.  This Kit includes all the basics to set up a professional online presence.  Plus, we've included a special bonus to make sure you have the knowledge to grow:

  • Brand Logo:  Your brand is what your customers will see first.  It is important to have a strong brand identity.  We will design your Brand Logo and give you all the versions you need across all online platforms
  • Google My Business:  This is the heart of your online presence.  Setting this up properly is the first step in setting up a professional online presence so that you can be found by potential customers when they search for your business (Includes Keywords)
  • Website:  This is your online home.  We set up a simple yet robust presence that tells your customers who you are and what your products or services can do for them.  We write content that is relevant to your business...and to the search engines so that you get served up most effectively (Content Marketing)
  • Instagram:  We set up your Instagram page using your Brand Logo and linking back to your website.  We'll show you how to post photos and short videos (Social Media Marketing)
  • Facebook:  We set up your Facebook page and integrate it with your Instagram page and your website.  We'll show you how to leverage these two key Social Media platforms
And there's more...

Included in the Small Business Online Marketing Startup Package in addition to the 45 minute Virtual Kickoff meeting is an additional 60 minutes of consulting!

The Small Business Online Marketing Startup Package is $799.  It includes all of this:  Brand Logo, Google My Business, Website, Instagram, Facebook and 60 minutes of consulting!

Contact me at to sign up and book your Kickoff Meeting.

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