Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Verdict is in on Ugly Running Shoes

Facebook has spoken and the the verdict is in:  Ugly Running Shoes are slow running shoes!

After last week's blog post, 'Do you run slower in Ugly Running Shoes', my Facebook Page lit up with helpful responses.  Looking good is important to feeling good...of all people I should have remembered that when I fell under the Discount Store merchandising spell and mistakenly purchased these runners.  I am lothe to discard them so soon so Jetola's advice to 'run faster so I can get out of them more quickly' hit the right note.  Thanks for your comments guys...I know I can always depend on you:

Thankfully I haven't put enough miles on these Running Shoes (Raced last in Negril at Reggae Marathon 2013).  I'll save them for my speed and track workouts...they look great and feel fabulous.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Do you run slower in Ugly Running Shoes?

I know for a fact that I run faster in good looking running shoes.  My friend Larry would disagree of course when he caught up with me slogging it at the 4 mile mark of last December's Reggae Marathon.  I cost him a PB in his Half Marathon that day.  And I was running in a pair of fancy day-glo Orange Racing Flats!

I fun faster in my mind when I'm wearing good looking running shoes.  That's it!

The opposite is also true. I run more slowly in ugly running shoes both in reality and in my mind.  And to add to the insult, I feel old!  Take look at this monstrosity:

I needed a pair of new running shoes.  So instead of doing the smart thing and shopping at my favorite local running shoe store, I pickup up this pair from the discount rack at the Marshall's near my office.  It's the correct size and the fit is pretty good (wide toe box, fairly good arch support). And the price was only $40! In the interest of saving a few $'s, I made the impulse purchase.  Regret!

On my first run I glanced down to check them out and almost stopped running right there. These things were ugly!  They made my feet look clunky.  And I don't need any extra help in that area.

On my subsequent runs things haven't improved. In fact I've gone out earlier and earlier in order to complete my run under cover of darkness.  I'm so embarrassed.

And I'm running slower!  I know I am.  And it's these ugly running shoes.

I'm planning to really abuse them so I can be rid of them as quickly as possible.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Toronto Waterfront Trail Running

At the foot of Park Lawn Road in Etobicoke where the Mimico Creek dumps into Lake Ontario is Humber Bay Park.  As you're driving east into Downtown Toronto you can't miss it:  It's where the old Nabisco Bakery and Cookie Factory used to be.

While the area around it has seen the massive infill of highrise condos, there's a gem of a park just south of the Lakeshore (that's the Green Area in the Map below).  There's some great running to be had here...Woodlands, wetlands and Lake views contrast with the wall of condos.  It's nice to know that there are still some nice waterfront trails to run along even as we pave paradise.

Mostly unpaved, hard packed and well groomed trails are laid out through Humber Bay Park West.  The loops through this section of the park reveal great vistas around every corner.

This is one of them.  That's Lake Ontario up ahead...the trail hugs the shoreline for a few hundred metres before turning back around the small ponds and natural wetland areas that make up the park.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Running in the Rain

Splashing through puddles with raindrops bouncing off my forehead. Nothing beats a run in the rain.

The weather forecast for Monday morning called for heavy rain and thunderstorms.  I wasn't too concerned about the rain but wasn't too keen on being a news story courtesy of a thunderstorm:  "Local runner struck by lightening while running this morning".  Thankfully I remained out of the news.

Running in the rain is always a treat because it's really natures shower.  I come back from a run in the rain cleaner than I left.  At least that's the way I feel.

As usual I got a few stares from motorists who thought that I was a crazy guy for running in the rain.  They seemed envious though...heck, I was outside on a warm summer morning splashing through puddles with a big grin on my race.

I love running in the rain!

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day Running

There really wasn't anything special about my run this morning.  OK, I was up extra early and it was nice to get out for another summer time run. And what a summer morning it was:  24 degrees Celsius with a humidex reading over 34 Celsius.  And still...not a breeze in the air.  Perfect conditions for a nice sweaty run!

On my way down to the Trails that run along the Humber River this tree stump rising above the lush green caught my eye.

It's a pretty steep dirt trail down to the Humber River's edge.  Easy on the way down at the start of my run...swear words out loud at the end on my way back up.

But then this is what I run for...a cool canopy of trees arching over the paved trail breaking the early morning light.

Happy Canada Day!

Until next time...