Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm having 'One of those days'

Super early in the morning on my way to work!
The only positive thing that happened to me today was that the lady on the Subway that I offered my seat to said 'Thank You".  Most times all I get is a surly look.  

Yes, I'm having one of those days.  You know, the "low energy, unmotivated, I'd rather be in bed" kind of day.  I can't even get myself motivated to go for a run!

It may be the time of year:  January blahs.  It certainly is the weather:  +10 C one day, -16 C the next.  


Amidst this darkness is a bright light (no, not a train). It's a race of course, the Sporting Life 10K on May 12.  Court suggested it and as the word spreads, the other kids may join in.  It's a lovely point-to-point race that's run straight down Yonge Street in Toronto.  Downhill for most of the way with a flat finish.  I figure even if I'm not fully back to speed by then, gravity will help.

So with that to look forward to I'll borrow a phrase from Arnold, "Enough Whining"!  

Until next time...


I'm raising funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation in 2013.  My goal is to raise $2,000 by December.  My planned races in 2013 include 
  1. The Sporting Life 10K, May 12
  2. The Toronto Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 Marathon, October 20
  3. The Reggae Marathon, December 7.  
Please join me on Facebook at Run for Heart.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oops...a little running setback

I blame this one on the foot cast!  Placing the blame on the the medical device that got me through the fractured foot bones seems unfair I know.  But it beats the real reason:  I went out too quickly to resume running resulting in a bad muscle pull in my right calf.  Truth be told:  I'm pretty sure I tore the muscle.  I know that's not the correct medical term and NO I'm not going to a doctor!  The immediate plan is to refrain from running for the next couple of weeks to allow it to heal properly before I get back to running...slowly!

As Sally so kindly reminded me recently, "You're not 35 anymore".  Based on that obvious fact, I'm going back to basics with my running.  A lot of the injuries I've experienced over the past few years come down to bad form.  OK, maybe there was a 'wee little bit of ' stupidity since I'm really not 35 years old anymore.  But I am 'learnable' and now seems like a good time to get back to the basics.  

I saw this chart recently on the Reggae Marathon Facebook Fan Page.  If you're a long-time runner like my friend Dan Cumming of Running in the Zone (check out this great article on Running Injury:  Doctor it hurts when I do this) you already know what good running form is.  If you're just starting out, this could be the most simple and best explanation of proper running form.  I fall in to the 'long-time running group who never payed attention but got totally excited by this chart.  

"Stand up straight".  I can still hear those words from my Grandmother when I would slouch my shoulders.   It's the key to good form in running. Duh!  My Grandmother wouldn't say 'Duh' but she'd smile of  hers while asking me what took me so long.  I wouldn't have a good answer.

So assuming all goes well, here's the next target:  the Sporting Life 10K on May 12 in Toronto.  Court, one of my sons, suggested it and it seems like a good idea. 10K races how I started running way back (when I really was age 35) and this is a point-to-point race down Yonge Street in Toronto.  Mostly downhill with a flat finish.  And it starts early...my favourite time of day.  We won't officially have cold Red Stripes immediately at the finish like Reggae Marathon but unofficially... 

Until next time...


I'm raising funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation in 2013.  My goal is to raise $2,000 by December.  
My planned races in 2013 include the Sporting Life 10K May 12,  the Toronto Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 Marathon, October 20 and the Reggae Marathon, December 7.  Please join me on Facebook at Run for Heart.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photos from my Reggae Marathon 'Walkabout'

Ossies Jerk Centre was open again on Washington Manley Boulevard in Negril last December!  And it was ... GREAT!

Sally and experienced Ossies on our first trip to Negril for Reggae Marathon back in 2009.  An open air 'shack' just off the road that served the best Jerk Pork and Jerk Chicken I've had in many years. Perfectly seasoned:  not too hot, nice jerk seasoning.   Add some Festival, Rice and Peas and a cold Red Stripe.  Can you say "Perfectly Delicious".
Two of the four in this shot actually have real smiles at being up at 4:30 am on a Saturday morning in our running gear ready to run Reggae Marathon.  Can you guess which two?
Debbie of Washington, DC, wife of good Reggae Marathon friend Bob Moore had this saying on her running shirt.  Beer, rum...run...rum, beer!  Add 'Beach' and Reggae Marathon could be the perfect vacation for a runner.
We met online, connected for the first time at Reggae Marathon 2011.  Last December at Reggae Marathon 2012 we had the chance to spend some 'quality time' together.  Both above after the race and again on the beach when we shared 'tall tales' and a few cold beers on the Negril beach.  Good times...great friendship!

Until next time...


I'm raising funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation in 2013.  My goal is to raise $2,000 by December.  My planned races are the Toronto Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 Marathon, October 20 and the Reggae Marathon, December 7.  Please join me on Facebook at Run for Heart.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1st run of 2013 and since the Foot Injury!

Early morning Winter running in Toronto
I had my first run this past Sunday morning.  It felt great!  True confession:  I had been out running before Christmas but that was more walking and shuffling than real running.  This past Sunday I went out for a full 30 minutes of ... running!

I am of course an early morning runner.  I am up before dawn and generally run entirely in the dark.  If I see another person, it's usually a runner.  For sure the 5:15 am start of Reggae Marathon every December suits me.

One of the benefits of running so early in the morning is the quiet and serenity.  Few people are up and it feels like I own the neighbourhood.  The picture above is of one of the quiet residential streets I run along on one of my routes.

A serious downside though are early morning drivers. Most are not fully awake or are on their first coffee and are totally unprepared for a runner that early in the morning.   I've usually run in entirely black running gear.  Lots of reflective strips and patches of course but not the most visible in the dark.  I had a scare last Sunday that motivated me to buy some new gear and I know that motivated me to get through that first run comfortably.  I picked up the new top and tights from the Running Room Outlet Store on North Queen Street in Etobicoke.  They don't carry everything from their regular stores, and not all sizes are available but it's worth the trip:  top and tights for under $80 tax in! Retail for the two pieces is over $140 + tax!

On that first full run last Sunday I was taken back to my first runs 30 years ago. I wasn't running fast and it didn't look pretty but I was running!  Mind free while my arms were swinging.  I may even have broken out in a song...I don't remember...I was too busy enjoying the run.

Until next time...


I'm raising funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation in 2013.  My goal is to raise $2,000 by December.  My planned races are the Toronto Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 Marathon, October 20 and the Reggae Marathon, December 7.  Please join me on Facebook at Run for Heart.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from ThatRunninGuy!

2012 was one heck of a tumultuous year for me.  And not a lot of pleasurable running though not for a lack of trying.  But it's January 1, 2013 today, the start of a new year so all things are possible.

For me, the trials of 2012 opened up new opportunities.  First there was the job loss in March.  Not much of a surprise actually but still a shock to the system.  I didn't spend much time crying over the spilt milk.

Then in May in what was supposed to be a triumphant sprint across the finish line in the Goodlife Toronto 1/2 Marathon in a sub-2 hour time, I ended up hobbling for much of the second half of the race with a pulled muscle in my right calf.  Two upsides:  first, I still managed a Personal Best of 2 hours 4 minutes in the race.  And second, I had my first podium finish in the Reggae Runners Half Marathon Challenge.  Yes I came in 3rd in a 3 man race but it's still on the podium!

September started out a good month but quickly turned sour when I fractured 3 bones in my right foot.  Self inflicted unfortunately when I tried to replicate a sprint workout on pavement.  I learned the hard lesson (no pun intended) that concrete is waaaaaay harder than the dirt track I had been working out on.  I was out of the Scotiabank Half Marathon in October and it was touch and go for the Reggae Marathon in December.  With walking cast securely in place I did manage to finish the Reggae Marathon 10K walking the entire way.  The upside of not running was that I got to do something I don't normally get to do when I'm running:  take pictures!  And I shot a few! This young man was a volunteer at the Aid Station at Mile 4.  He had his 'AutoBoxCar' booming Reggae LOUD while he handed out water and Hy-Lite in the cool plastic pouches.  This is what makes Reggae Marathon really special. Check this link for more photos from my Reggae Marathon 2012 Walkabout.

Through all the ups and downs Sally and all the boys have been with me every step of the way.  Always loving and supporting even though they sometimes scratch their heads in confusion when they hear some of the nutty things that come out of my mouth on occasion.  Thank you all!

And now here we are at the start of the new year, 2013.  Just one resolution for this upcoming year:  enjoy the moment!  I can't change the past nor predict the future.  This year I plan to appreciate the now!

Until next time