Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How men are different from women...the Nothing Box

Brilliant description of the difference between the brain of a man and a woman.


Plus an explanation of the 'Nothing Box' inside men's minds.

Now I truly understand...

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sitting on the back deck on a hot, humid Saturday afternoon. Had a craving for something "Jamaican" to eat. Decided on an impulse to cook up some escoveitch fish. Here is the recipe: Jamaican Recipes: JAMAICAN ESCOVEITCH FISH RECIPE

All we need now is a Red Stripe...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Email from Sally about her Quilt for Heart

Sally has started working on the quilt that she is making to raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario.  Below is her email.  Hey, she is now an official guest blogger...leave her a comment.

I was at C&C Fabrics in Elmvale today;  I bought fabric for the Heart & Stroke donation quilt! I decided on a pattern called  "Friendship Star".  I liked this one  because it would remind people of all their Loved Ones they have who have suffered, or have been lost to Heart and Stroke disease.
The quilt will have 12 stars in it to represent:
Aunt /Uncle
Each star is a different colour to show that the disease is widespread; not restricted to gender, race, culture or class.
I will start cutting fabrics soon.  Hope you like it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're going quilting...well, Sally is!

Sally tried walking.  And liked it.  But not enough to go hard-core.  She leaves that up to me.

What she loves is quilting.  She took it up recently and has already completed her first, is working on her second and has planned her third.  Who knew!

With these successes, she has decided to make a special quilt and raffle it off to raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario, our cause in 2010.

For those of you who have never quilted, this  is a major deal.  I can't count the hours she has spent so far cutting, sewing, researching and visiting her new favourite store, the quilt shop in Cookstown.  I work out a lot, but her effort, hours and concentration dwarf mine.

We are still working on the final details but plan to offer a limited number of tickets for our quilt raffle...your odds of winning will be good.  Plus, 100% of each ticket cost will go directly to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario via our secure donation site, moralesBcause.

Win, win, win!

Your donation gives you a chance to win a hand-made-from-the-heart quilt, you make a donation to the Heart & Stroke Foundation that helps research and education about heart disease and stroke.

We'll be blogging about this and posting photos and articles of the "Making of the Quilt" story over the upcoming months.  Yes, you will get to see how Sally puts this special quilt together.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Overcame the conditions in the Becel Ride for Heart today!

"Got er dun!"
At the start of the Becel Ride for Heart Sunday morning it was hard not to be emotional.  Here were 13,000 other people braving the cold, rain and wind to ride for someone they cared about who had been struck down by heart disease or stroke. 
While we are coming up on two years since my Dad passed away and time does dull the feelings, that moment before heading off brought it all back.  I'm do this because I miss him terribly.  His sense of humour, story telling and love of life.  Damm!
The email below came a few hours after the ride.  You are welcome.  Thank you for the opportunity to help save lives.
You can still donate.  Just click this link to go to our secure, on-line donation site:
Thank you for your support.

Thank you for riding to save lives Riders on the DVP
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We want you to know just how much you are appreciated!

More than 13,000 riders took part in this year's Becel Heart&Stroke Ride for Heart. Wow! We hope you enjoyed the incredible atmosphere as we all rode together to save lives and honour our loved ones.

The good news is, your commitment paid off and we are almost at our fundraising target of $3.2 million. We are incredibly hopeful that with your help we will make our goal. You still have until June 14th to continue fundraising – so don't forget to enter your offline pledges and gather any last minute donations.

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$3.2 Million Fundraising Goal

Be proud to know that by riding and fundraising, you have made a much needed contribution towards the survival of thousands of heart disease and stroke victims every year. You have given the gift of a heart-healthy future for millions of Canadians.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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